December 13

  • David: object-set root
  • Josh: getting wrapped up
  • Dr. Embley: wants to be able to launch ground truther from workbench (SIDEBAR), need to check with Joseph on evaluator, SIDEBAR: machines and ER
  • Dr. Liddle: will work on dithers upgrade, need to autodeploy jar file to web site
  • Peter: finished writing proposal for Dr. Embley’s class; figured out high-level approach; has LG-SOAR running
  • Tae-Woo: finished thesis proposal
  • Thomas: back into coding; almost done with two of the main pieces
  • Shin: worked on writing proposal with Korean colleague

October 25

  • Dr. Embley: ER themes: data quality and Big Data; question: how does what we do scale up? Genealogy is a Big Data problem. Semantic Web billion triple challenge, e.g.
  • Dr. Liddle: Dr. Embley's presentation was nice; met with Dr. Scott about VLDB paper; elected ER SC vice chair
  • Dr. Lonsdale: Bio-NLP challenge announced this week; working on MEG proposal (and submitted last MEG report); what's a good definition of ontology? See Gruber definition. Thomas had a good phrase too: “Ontology: A machine readable and mathematically specified conceptualization of a collection of facts.”
  • Peter: Working on project definition; finished rough draft of proposal; sorting out what his project connects to.
  • Tae Woo: Focusing on pattern recognition; taking NLP & machine learning classes; looking for ML algorithms that can bootstrap themselves
  • Thomas: Working on proposal; finished latest batch of edits
  • Shin: Produced keyword phraser; needs to determine how to find synonyms for query terms (has WordNet synsets, but there are questions); needs stemming algorithms – use Porter stemmer
  • David: Working on specializations and object-set population
  • Joseph: Working on thesis proposal; needs to update study list
  • Josh: Plugging away at form builder
  • Sidebar on forms: Embley, Liddle, Monson, Packer (at least)
  • Sidebar: Tae Woo, Embley, Lonsdale (defer)
  • Sidebar: Thomas, Peter (defer)
  • Sidebar: Shin, Lonsdale, Embley (defer, see email)

September 20

Today will be virtual meeting. Report here which user stories you've accomplished, which you're working on, and any blockers you might have or resources you need

  • Joseph: Finished #16 and verifying #9 before setting as completed
  • Josh : Finished #32, #33, #34 and working on #60
  • :
  • :

September 13

  • Dr. Liddle: DEXA conference was nice, especially enjoyed getting to know Georg Gottlob, who we invited as a keynote speaker
  • Josh: has accomplished several user stories, will combine Form Builder & Annotator tabs; sidebar needed
  • David: finished #6, sidebar needed
  • Joseph: worked on SPARQL query generation issues; several cases needed fixes; continues to work on adding aggregations into the RDF; worked on generating HyKSS output differently, seems to be working better; may need to pursue cleanup of results from HyKSS – will resolve with Dr. Embley
  • Shin: finished generating XML schema from relational schema; working on #10 WoK-RDB
  • Tae Woo: spinning up for MS work
  • Peter: spinning up for MS work
  • Dr. Lonsdale: working on MEG report; we will be submitting request for $20K or so
  • Thomas: welcome back! continues to work on proposal
  • Sidebar: XLang – Yuri is out for now; Joseph has notes on what we need
  • Sidebar: Josh/Liddle/Embley – format
  • Sidebar: David/Liddle/… – n-ary & gen/spec population
  • Sidebar: VLDB paper Liddle/Embley

September 6

  • Everyone made progress – see the backlog spreadsheet

August 30

Today we introduced Josh Monson (CS undergrad, finishing in December) and Tae Woo Kim (CS masters student) to the rest of the group. We also discussed schedule and procedural issues.

  • Dr. Liddle: may want to sidebar on iOS elective with Dr. Embley
  • Dr. Embley: getting geared up for the fall semester
  • Peter: gearing up for fall semester, read paper on cross-language HyKSS, needs to reinstall some software
  • Dr. Tijerino: working on OSMX 2 XSD, see Visual Paradigm, trying to extend to multi-lingual; waiting for student in Shanghai on recipe ontology; here till 18th
  • Tae Woo: welcome!
  • Dr. Lonsdale: went to Japan and UMich AI labs – went well, gearing up
  • David: gearing up for fall, had a baby boy last week
  • Joseph: finished 14, 12, 3, 15, SPARQL working for Shin, uses recursive algorithm to figure out rel sets and aggregations, needs to work on generating RDF now
  • Josh: welcome!
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