Mark C., Kevin, Gordon, Loren, Eric M.

Daniel: out of town


Discussion Action

==== Projector Mounting in CS Library ==== When you make an agenda for our next meeting, I'd like to have us discuss mounting a projector permanently in the library room. This would make it easier to have presentations in that room. I'm not sure how we'd make it easy to hook up a laptop to the projector, but I would bet Klark and/or Loren could come up with a solution.

Report from Gordon and Parris: cost is prohibitive at this time given the severe shortage of funds. Department does want to move ahead with the projector, but needs to wait for funding. Perhaps the end of year depending on funding.

  • Work on health check script for uptime report
  • Collect and publish statistics for monthly report


Discussion Action

====VPN Certificates and Services ==== Investigate VPN and certificate services — state policies on all major platforms and provide details on how to use the service.

We are waiting on several things:

  • Certificate
  • Documentation
  • Policy

Ramp up from small group to a larger group. Start with faculty, and then move to research students, and finally a larger audience if needed. Action plan:

  • Get working Klark (Eric M. guinea pig Vista client)
  • Create policies Committee
  • Write documentation Anyone

Once working, start having a small group begin to use.

==== 1110 Policy ==== What should be the policy in th lab?

We should schedule the lab like any other lab. If we are concerned with theft, then let's lock down equipment. Alter hours that are in the more mainstream hours that are less early and less late.

  • Move the VPN documentation into an area where students can access it ( — Closed with the remap to above
  • Updated building floor plan — Completed next week Jun 11
  • Help desk services report — email negative reports and cc to Klark (open a ticket or create a suggestion box)
  • Gordon: be sure Kiosk update are easy and doable by anyone including Loren's group


Discussion Action

==== Review tickets ====

==== How to make scheduled maintenance visible to all ==== We need to make our Scheduled Maintenance details available to all. Should it be posted on the CS webpage? How should we use the information?

We need to move this out to the visible world. If it is an item that happens a particular day, then put it in the right place. For other items, like the network relabeling, those are news and information. Loren: Visit with webmasters (use the calendar by default) to see what options we have. Report June 18 on options. ====State of the Union Address: Computing Facilities==== We need to report to faculty what we are doing on the computing committee. How are we using our time and efforts? What are we trying to accomplish?

====SVN Servers====

  • Lab usage summary report for committee and faculty in regards to winter semester (general summary). Klark is asking student to give us a link for a raw data dump. When that exists will generate report.
  • Make table showing current servers and services including wiki counts etc. Add hardware to the table as well with backup frequency. Include other details on the system.

Loren: Work together with Eric to move Loren's services onto the table.


Discussion Action

== Time line Details ==

I do not know if there has been any progress on this since I left. I believe that Klark will remove his non-rack stuff once the new servers are up and running on the second floor. I think Loren still plans to virtualize the non-rack server he has (Kelly's, I think). It would be nice to make a time line for both Klark and Loren.

When might we expect for the non-rack mounted hardware go away?

Loren: Waiting on moving Flanagan to virtual servers. Things are really busy but December 2009 is reasonable. Update current action item to reflect the new expected completion. Talk to owner of the other non-rack mounted hardware on options.

Klark: Move with new servers. ====Alarm in AC Rooms==== Loren: Tap into the AC alarms. When they turn off, then we need to shut down. SMTP traps to shutdown. Kevin: Work at a higher level to coordinate maintenance in these server rooms with AC work.

  • Write a draft policy to manage resources in the new basement computer room: space, power, hardware, etc. Write draft policy by Jun 18. Need to include clearness in policies.
  • Help Klark and Loren remove non-rack mounted items from server room


Discussion Action

  • Modify ticket system to have a non-critical but ASAP option for things like DHCP requests etc. Also clarify who has responsibility for such requests.
  • Migration plan to new server on Scheduled Maintenance
  • Remove cardboard airflow controls from downstairs server room by April 13th
  • Email Daniel monthly downtime journal
  • Bring up lab 1057 and 1062 (set new date)
  • Write script to log students off of console at lab closing hours to encourage them to go home. Block console login when labs are closed
  • Assess and replace batteries to cover 3 hours of outage
  • Rename to


Discussion Action
==== Quick Tick Analysis Review ==== We should reset the data. On the default report only include the last x weeks (30 days, 8 weeks, etc.). Give a raw data for other reports.

  • Modify ticket system to have a non-critical but ASAP option for things like DHCP requests etc. Also clarify who has responsibility for such requests. — Ticket system is currently no maintained and we do not have any resources to modify the system. Must move over the new ticket system.
  • Remove cardboard airflow controls from downstairs server
  • Clearly define backup policy
  • Move wikis to Ubuntu server with same version of MySQL and MediaWiki to address slowness — dropped the windows environment because it runs too slow and uses more overhead. Staying with Linux.
  • Publish the VPN configuration file for general use (coordinate with Gordon)
  • Unify ticket system with the quick-ticket system and augment statistics with top reported issues or areas. — Report on Drupal module.
  • Email Daniel monthly downtime journal
  • Explore SAS versus SAN option for disk array


Discussion Action

==== Lab bring up after outages ==== We had an outage, and a day later, the machines were still down. We should have brought machines up quickly after outage.

We currently do not the utility to monitor. Can employees health check labs after major failures. We also need to make them reboot without admin password. The new machines do not required password. The old machines do require an admin password. The old machines with the NFS mount should not require such an issue.

Mark: file a ticket on the NFS mount issue and the reboot that does not require an admin password. Currently seeing 4-5 machines down per day. Restart procedures are not working.

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