Daniel*, Mark, Loren, Klark, Gordon, Kevin, and Eric*

'*' Late


Discussion Action

====Student Access to VPN==== Can we have a brief discussion at our next computing committee meeting regarding student use of the VPN? The instructions for getting access are in an area accessing only by faculty. I would like to discuss whether it is appropriate to open this up to students as well.

My CS 360 students cannot get access to my MySQL server because the department blocks incoming MySQL connections. Rather than change that policy, which may be wise, I'd like students to be able to use a VPN so they can be authorized to access departmental resources when working off campus or in BYU labs.

BYU wireless seems to block MySQL connections and BYU in general blocks the traffic. Students access if fine

Loren: fix link for the configuration file Gordon: Move the documentation into an area where students can access it (


Discussion Action

Goal is to have help desk open on business hours (lost one person and another is graduating). Person will be in the 1140 office.

  • Help desk services: banner, cross training, and incentive program — appear on a future agenda as a report.


Discussion Action

====Monthly Report==== I would like to consider a monthly report for both our committee and the faculty in general. Things in the report:

  • Uptime and downtime for the month
  • Report on tickets
  • Number of students served
  • Top N problems brought to help desk by students
  • Planned maintenance and image changes
  • Lab usage (load-levels, consoles, etc.)
  • Wiki count, latency, etc.

The goal is to communicate with the faculty both the quality of service as well as our ongoing efforts to provide such service.

Break into two tasks: monthly report and what needs to be worked on to add to the monthly report. Write the report for the needs of the committee. Start with the easy stuff that we have:


  • uptime and downtime –> Klark and Loren: email daniel on downtimes (journal)
  • Ticket reports –> Eric
  • Services (number of virtual servers, wiki count, number of servers in general, etc.)
  • Planned maintenance and image changes (make this a regular part of the agenda in meetings) —> Loren create area for upcoming maintenance on our wiki.

hard (put all the data into one place to look)

  • Long term is to evolve ticket system to handle all the data
  • Walk up statistics for number of students served (get top N problems) –> Loren
  • Uptime and latency
  • Characterizing tickets (contact, issue, etc.)
  • Lab statistics –> Eric and Klark
  • Health check —> Daniel work on a health check script

Daniel: Collate on wiki or other medium. Explore media wiki to see if we have a “public” area.

Produce report for ourselves for a few months to see if useful to others.

====Committee Direction==== Review discussion and focus

====State of the Union Address: Computing Facilities==== We need to report to faculty what we are doing on the computing committee. How are we using our time and efforts? What are we trying to accomplish?

====SVN Servers====

  • Lab statistics from Nagios: does it work?
    • Nagios is not the tool for us to use; I am working with Klark to generate the lab usage reports from the current database. (done)
  • Computing committee report: what are we doing and why?
    • Make the report the newsletter, and focus on communicating our performance with how we are improving that performance. (done)


Discussion Action

Klark and Loren: Remove the card board from new server room by April 13th

  • Help Klark and Loren remove non-rack mounted items from server room


Discussion Action

Prioritize over 1057

  1. Move all the tables and equipement out of 1027
  2. Migrate tables and equipment in 1106 into 1027
  3. Set up 1106

Complete by April 20

Which labs are going to be open over spring and summer? Normally close the basement, but we will open 1029 to keep balance and seats. Hours will match the building hours as normal.

Migrate in new machines during spring summer semester (1149 and 1060 and 1058)

Gordon: coordinate migration of labs when the second floor is completed with Parris (let us know if you need anything).

  • Email Eric M. division of labor between you and Loren to post on wiki (done –> sent Saturday)
  • Bring up labs 1066 (1066 mostly done need to fix NFS), 1057 (tables in room with 24 machines mounting brackets on table for machines), 1106, and 1062 (following 1066 and 1057 — one small table left in room with chairs). 1066, 1057, and 1062 done by next meeting
  • Assess battery status and replace batteries as needed for 3 hour coverage (low priority)
  • LDAP migration to new servers (Complete with blades – gin goes away)



Discussion Action
====Slow Wikis====

Apache? MySQL?

Migrate to a new server using the same version of mediawiki and MySQL. Looking into Ubuntu server.

Daniel: work with Loren to see if you can diagnose problem by looking through logs.

====Wireless infrastructure for TMCB==== ====TMCB door lock system====

1140 door lock lost its database. Required power cycle and reprogram.

  • Resolve wiki slowness – underway
  • Clearly backup policy
  • Explore SAS versus SAN versus working within what we have.


Discussion Action

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