Gordon, Loren, Mark, Eric, Klark


Dan Ventura (out of town)


Open Lab

  • Follow up on the prior discussion: Where do we host the open-lab-software page? Where do we list the wikis we provide? How does fit in with our department web page? What credentials are used on the area? Should we unify all this information to a single site or at least provide links to these others areas from a single site?
  • : Did we make any decision here? Yes. We are migrating over to put all of our documentation in a single location. Loren and Gordon will coordinate the transfer to the single system on the CS webpage. Migrate over all the services that we provide: wikis, servers, backups, etc. –> move over by March.
  • : Migrate to a single source ticket system for all of our service needs. How about Mantis? How about ostickets? –> April
  • Put office hours, software requirements, course webpage, etc. all in one spot in the faculty/staff area:
  • : Send Gordon a list of things that we are looking for in the course administration area.
  • Virtualization in the Open Labs

Customer Service and Support

Department Services

  • Email

You dont often have the ability to verify that email was lost. So, even though this isnt a big deal, I thought it was worth looking into. This was received by the cs mail server, but doesnt appear to have been forwarded.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Keith Crandall <>
Date: January 2, 2010 4:40:04 PM MST
To: Mark Clement <>
Subject: Re: Bio 465

Dear Mark,

The outline looks good to me.  Can we swap the Jan 11 and Jan 13 topics?  I'll be at Washington U on 11JAN to give a department seminar.  I'll also be gone Feb 17 (15-19).  Could we switch Feb 17 and Feb 10?  Otherwise, I should be good, at least for now.  The schedule looks like fun.  I also got an email from Matt Dyer who is working for a company and is willing to have students work on some projects.  I'll cc you on my response to him.
  • Mozy off-site backup
  • External email hosting – Report from stats department?
  • Student area to post examples of Research Area Exams, proposals, LaTeX templates, etc.
    • This should be in the normal graduate student part of the main department page
  • Server Maintenance and IT announcements: Twitter? Google Groups? Web area? Email? RSS feed? What do (should) we use?
    • We need to create a list of recognized google groups
    • We should send server maintenance requests to the faculty alias
  • Need better documentation for existing services
    • Wikis
    • Virtual Hosts
    • SVN
    • Web Server Template

Hardware Acquisition and Rotation

  • Did we make a decision on the hardware to get to lower our carry over surplus?
  • : Bought a new server and then purchased new disk storage.

Assessment, Priorities, and Future Needs

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