Mark, Gordon, Eric, and Klark


Discussion Action
Virtual Server RAID data performance report


Discussion Action
====Open Lab closing times==== When/What do we need from Loren students? Labs are open the same hours as the building. When we close the lab doors, we excuse people to leave. Pursue auto-closing doors so we can automatically secure labs. Script to auto-drop console.

Klark: start work on the auto-drop script to help motivate folks to go home.

  • Help desk services: banner, cross training, and incentive program


Discussion Action
====Committee Direction==== Review last discussion and focus

====State of the State in Computing Facilities==== We need to report to faculty what we are doing on the computing committee. How are we using our time and efforts? What are we trying to accomplish?

====VPN Services==== ====SVN Servers====

  • Lab statistics from Nagios: does it work?
  • Computing committee report: what are we doing and why?


Discussion Action

  • Determine when electrician is done downstairs in the server room
  • Post signs on breaker and other locations to prevent workers from turning off AC and power.
    • Give emergency contact if power just must go off (hope they call first)


Discussion Action
====New Server====

  • Moving to a virtualized system (many virtual servers)
  • Virtual technology give redundancy
  • Seven blades; each blade is the quad core.
  • NFS services stay dedicated (two blades)
  • Five blades on virtualization
    • LDAP runs virtual
    • DHCP runs virtual
    • Mail runs virtual
    • Students webserver, panacea, monitoring
    • Imaging?
    • Dansguardian
    • Wireless, IP Tables
  • VMWare for the virtualization
  • 10 Tb disk (disk array)

  • Email Eric M. division of labor between you and Loren to post on wiki
  • Monitoring and reporting for open-lab statistics: working on a rewrite on labmon
  • Bring up labs 1066 (1066 mostly done 15 machines), 1057 (tables in room with 26 machines), 1106, and 1062
  • Assess battery status and replace batteries as needed for 3 hour coverage
  • Migrate servers downstairs in advance of second floor construction: DONE
  • Prepare proposal for new bladed systems (determine dedicated versus virtualized in needs)
  • LDAP migration to new servers
  • Bring backups on home directories back on line


Discussion Action
====Slow Wikis==== ====Wireless infrastructure for TMCB==== ====TMCB door lock system==== ====Server Room Protocol====

  • Resolve wiki slowness
  • Migration to new server room report
  • Backup policy
  • Mail forwarding service
  • Explore SAS versus SAN versus working within what we have.


Discussion Action
==== Dans Guardian ==== I have heard several complaints about dans guardian. I tried to get to or and all of the pictures are broken. I think that it really slows down access to everything too. Do we need this in the department when the university does filtering?

You cannot access the following Web address: Reason: Banned Regular Expression URL found.

We are using our own filtering that is separate from OIT's filtering. We have the freedom to set our own policy.

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