Attending: Kevin, Gordon, Daniel, Mark, Loren, and Eric.

Review of Prior Meetings and Assignments

    • Is it possible to get an aggregate on lab usage (i.e., all labs combined); and the “Average Lab Use” does not seem to be currently working (submitted ticket).
    • Ask for Nagios access to get the usage statistics

[[Assignments#Klark| Klark]]

Assignment 1 - Find where we can rent space for storage on campus and how much it costs.

I have talked with both the moving and surplus people about extra space on campus and I was told both times that there is nothing available. With all of the previous and current construction they have lost space and did not know of anything off campus that is available for renting. I have also called and left messages with Anne Schroeder in space management to find out if she knows of any storage space but she has not returned my calls yet. I will continue trying to get a hold of her.

Assignment 2 - Inventory shop in advance of move.

I'm not exactly sure what you want to know about the inventory. The shop is currently loaded with a lot of surplus equipment that will obviously need to be cleaned out before the move. I have submitted a pickup request but I'm told that moving it about 1 1/2 - 2 weeks out on pickup. They will try to make a push to pick up before the surplus sale at the end of the month but I “shouldn't hold my breath.” I'll be ready for the move when it comes time to clear out the shop.

Loren: what are hours for the Labs

We need to add to the next agenda:

  • Actual hours on the lab
  • Help desk
  • Lab watch (stop or start)
  • Discuss system administrators: why is the 1140 door closed so often. What should be the hours? When should the doors be open?

General Discussion

Rotation Schedule and Budget Review

Set on a bi-yearly rotation, and 2008 is on the rotation. $240K allocated to open labs. Only $40K on the infrastructure. Maintain an $100K rollover. Giga-bit switches around 3k-5k. KVM is around 4k. There will be $70K added to infrastructure by January.

Infrastructure: purchase all the server room components first so it is ready to go. Look at switches next year when the new allocation arrives. Hold to next year the switches and disks for students after the server room move. Complete an inventory of needs to determine what is required to start the server room.

Open lab resources: see if we can accommodate waiting to purchase the machines until 2009.

Email Service Migration

BYU premium account runs an exchange server. The service is free.

  • Disk allocation is 600 MB

Motivation for change:

  • Premium email comes with exchange server for calendaring
  • Our email system has not be the most reliable system

No need to change unless there is a reason for a change.

Do we want to stay in the email business when BYU is providing a free service?


Create a permanent forwarding service for students starting Fall 2009 and no longer provide email services.

Backup Policy Review (Klark and and Loren)

When Phil's SAN comes on line, then we will move servers to Phil's SAN and use the old SAN for backup. No offsite is available. The backup is really complicated, and we have to carefully balance need and resources.

Klark's Report: We currently back up the department file servers using rsync. At the moment, we only have enough space to back up once a week but we have slowly been upgrading servers and drives to allow us to back up at least twice a week and to rotate off site as well. We have experimented with time machine and time capsule and have ability to set up the faculty with Macs to backup to our servers. But until we get more storage space, we cannot do it. We have also been looking at a backup solution for those running windows or linux but again, I need to get the storage space.


We provide the following backup services:

  1. Time capsule or Alterus
  2. Weekly image backup of images from virtual servers
  3. Regular backup of Wiki databases on local machine
  4. Regular backup of user data and open lab services

Hire two more students to put the backup solutions in place.


Work on off-site backup for virtual servers

Server Room Cleanup Schedule for Faculty Labs

CS 124 Windows Boxes

I visited with Paul Roper, and if he starts using actual hardware in CS 124, then he will need windows machines for approximately 150 to 200 students in the Winter 2009 semester. Neither of us is sure how many of those students will use the lab versus their own laptop. Paul is scheduled to finalize his decision in the next two weeks. He chooses not to use the actual hardware, then there is no change in his lab needs.

Lab Usage Statistics

The current numbers are not available through Mon Suite, and it will be sometime before it is functioning again. See if we can use Nagios to get the information.

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