Here is my response from Kelly. I think we need more coverage on the 3rd floor.

There are no plans for pervasive wireless in TMCB. What plans exist are described below. The few access points that exist are intended to give coverage in public areas.


There are no current plans to provide additional wireless coverage within the TMCB as part of the Pervasive Wireless effort. However, as part of a Physical Facilities/Department Funded effort we will be installing additional coverage in rooms E3676, E3677 and E5030. This installation should take place during December/January. We currently have 8 access points located in the TMCB as follows:

               1st Floor – 4 Access Points
               2nd Floor – 3 Access Points
               3rd Floor – 1 Access Point
This configuration was not intended to provide pervasive coverage.

access to 203, 205, 244, 250 and 254 TMCB is planned


Here is one more response from the survey. Here is my summary of the data:

  1. Everyone is happy with the wired network
  2. We need to improve wireless
  3. There is a demand for a web server where faculty could host their pages
  4. The wikis are important and we ought to make them reliable
  5. There is a lot of frusteration with email. We ought to do one of the following:
    1. Use an external service like gmail
    2. Dedicate a machine that has no other purpose (no LDAP, no NFS, etc) that would just forward email for the faculty
  6. We need to provide more documentation on how to use VMs, Wikis, and web hosting and make sure they are reliable

I too often found no option that expressed what I thought. So here it is in my, hastily chosen words:

How satisfied are you with the Information Technology support provided by the Computer Science Department for Faculty and Research Laboratories (wired/wireless networks, email, virtual machines, wikis, web server space, etc)l machines? * 1 2 > 3 < 4 5 I have given up on using department resources Very Satisfied

What do you think of the wired network in the department?

  * I need DHCP to give addresses out to machines in my laboratory and office
   * PLEASE NO, DO NOT eliminate the department network and let BYU IT maintain our network

It could be better and faster. Why do we not monitor it in some end to end fashion? In fact, why do we not monitor ALL department services in end-to end fashion for both availability and speed? This is my biggest wish.

What about the wireless (cs-wireless) network?

  * I cant seem to get it to work in 1170, conference room and library
  * Coverage is spotty in the department and we need to use more resources to improve the network
  * I RARELY use it because it is too unreliable

The department has recently offered Wikis. How do you feel about them?

  * They are too unreliable
  * They need to be backed up more effectively
 They need to be Rock solid (monitored, and maybe redundant?), backed up (for failure), and archived at the end of each semester (for historical purposes, we are supposed to do this for regulatory purposes)

How do you feel about email?

 I use gmail and forward everything there. I wish I did not have! But if you wanted to just use gmail to run the whole thing I would not complain. I like their web front end, reliability and filtering. Now my only worry is, did it all get forwarded!

The department has recently started offering virtual machines that faculty can use. What do you think of this idea?

In fairness, the Faculty who use it should foot the bill. It SHOULD be cheaper to have a file server that is share and backed up, but until it is rock solid and monitored 24/7 I have a hard time switching to it.

Some labs have their own webmaster to support research web sites. The computing committee has considered offering this as a service. What do you think about this?

I hate spending time on this. I would like to use a standard template that includes all of the usual stuff. Splashy front page and then pages for people involved (fac, students), Papers (with an up load/dump to all of the department, college and university reporting systems and formats, oh and a generic dump to word and latex! and links to the people who wrote the paper), projects (linked to papers and people), tech reports (linked at the project, lab and department level), downloads (data and code). Done right, this is a service I would really really like. Oh, and do not forget to monitor it. I have a student that I think could do a great job of this if you are interested.

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