Loren, Parris, Mark, Klark, Gordon, Eric


Dan Ventura (out of town)


  • Report on semester transition in open labs (Klark and Loren).

Media lab:

  1. Document the changes to the machines
  2. Do a complete image backup before upgrade so it is possible to rollback if something goes wrong

Storytelling lab

  1. Talk to Jones, Egbert, and Olsen for software needs
  2. Better define the plugin dependencies between Vue, Maya, and Renderman
  3. Resolve authentication to join the CS domain by default
  4. Cheap disk drives to accommodate space

Windows lab :The migration to the new server forced a change in the SAMBA IP address. The windows machines refused to pickup the new IP address.

  1. Delay major system changes until a larger block of time (Fall/August or Spring/Summer)
  2. Reclaim days in finals week for lab maintenance
  3. Windows 7 migration is hoped to resolve this cached IP/name issue. Windows 7 is on the road map for Spring semester.
  4. Redundant system for pre-staging major changes with complete redundancy etc.
  • New ticketing system ostickets
  • CS Website redesign — merging all of our subdomain webservers into the CS webserver
  • Wireless challenge in 1110 (we have a demo Thursday evening at 5:30 PM) – it needs to be resolved

Open Lab

  • Virtualization in the Open Labs
  • Software page for CS Website Software

Customer Service and Support

Department Services

  1. I think we should change to gmail and start a faculty discussion about it. Klark thinks we should set up a department email server that doesnt depend on anything else
  2. Unify DHCP in the department and create an interface to allow faculty to register a mac address.
  3. Explore BYU's complete authentication system
  4. Webmasters are looking at :// and mantis as unified ticket solutions.
  5. Unify the web server and update the pages so they are accurate
  6. : I visited with the CS webmasters this week, and they are moving forward to create areas for each of the webservers that we are currently running. They are also creating areas for the open lab software (and request) and a listing of all the servers, wikis, etc. that we currently provide. They areas are gated by the faculty/staff role. — egm

Hardware Acquisition and Rotation

Assessment, Priorities, and Future Needs

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