• DHCP prototype: Klark's proposal to give control to the end-user with exported logs etc.
  • Revised open lab policy (Resolutions and Policy) advertising
  • Ticket system
  • Wiki content export report (frequency etc. to report to faculty)?
  • CS Website redesign and merging HTML servers and content to a single server

Open Lab

  • Virtualization in the Open Labs
  • Windows 7 Image
  • Spring Image Needs?

Customer Service and Support

I adapted the information from the Spolsky article, incorporated some of the ideas we've discussed in out committee, and put a strawman version of possible training points on Loren's helpdesk wiki s:// Since this is restricted access, he may need to authenticate to show you. Feel free to hack it to pieces. Most pressing, perhaps, is settling on a more palatable term “customer” and the associated “customer service”.

The text looks great. We need to target it for majors other than computer scientists since the help desk folks have a breadth of backgrounds. Let's stick with the customer service term.

Department Services

  1. gmail for the department, Klark says
  2. :“I've created the domain with gmail and I've set up the addresses as well. However, the name has still not propagated and Google states that it will be another couple of days before it will happen. When everything is working, I'll let you know.”
  3. : Mark: and Eric play with calendaring.
  4. : Eric: explore google docs in the same domain.
  5. : Klark: open tickets for the redirect. As soon as the redirect is working, we can begin testing.
  6. : It appears that this is working, we need to publicize and document how faculty can use this.
  7. : BYU has mapped things to, Klark is working on it
  8. We need to set up a monitoring system to determine why the back of the phone is often faster than the department internet
  9. :Nagio server
  10. :Did we get a bigger pipe to the university
  11. : Klark has called, but they dont even know what we have and dont know how to change.
  12. Create a department mail server for with no dependencies
  13. :We are working to configure it
  14. After the problems at the beginning of the semester, Parris approved purchasing a mirror system that we could install new things on. How is this coming?
  15. : Klark is working with a salesman
  16. : Have ordered it
  17. It seems like having BYU do the wireless is not happening. I think we should look into improving cs-wireless so it has better coverage
  18. : Klark is working with OIT, lets keep this on the agenda
  19. : We need to get cs-wireless working in 1170
  20. : I think if we could fix wireless in a few areas of the department we could eliminate the complaints. Maybe 2 or 3 additional base stations and we would have it covered.
  21. We need to document the services we provide and make sure they are continually tested.
  22. :Wikis
  23. :Svn
  24. :Web server for laboratories

Hardware Acquisition and Rotation

Assessment, Priorities, and Future Needs

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