Mark, Daniel, Klark, Kevin, Loren, Eric


Discussion Action
Virtual Server RAID data performance report


Discussion Action
====Budget 2009 and 2010==== Total in for 2009 is 150k. College does have needs with 35k (on reserve) we can draw upon. Enough funds to just barely cover faculty needs. No increase to faculty; faculty use what they have left. 2010 will not a buy year. Save for 2011. Implies a 5 year usage on the machines. Dell's will be gone. Screens are lasting longer but we will need to save screens as best we can.

Loren: explore SAS versus SAN versus working within what we have.

Save what we can. Access funds may or may not come back. Need to make a good case for computer rotation in our open lab facilities.

  • prepare budget for 2009 and 2010
  • Help desk services: banner, cross training, and incentive program


Discussion Action
====Committee Direction==== Review last discussion and focus

====State of the State in Computing Facilities==== We need to report to faculty what we are doing on the computing committee. How are we using our time and efforts? What are we trying to accomplish?

====VPN Services==== ====SVN Servers====

  • Lab statistics from Nagios: does it work?
  • Computing committee report: what are we doing and why?


Discussion Action

  • Determine when electrician is done downstairs in the server room
  • Post signs on breaker and other locations to prevent workers from turning off AC and power.
    • Give emergency contact if power just must go off (hope they call first)


Discussion Action
====Server Migration and Proposal==== AC is ready. Just turn it on. Plan on downtime Saturday morning. Post message to faculty this Wednesday, Feb 25, on the outage and explanation of plans including disclaimer regarding chaos and other bad things that ensue. Time line:

  • Verify we have mounting brackets for the servers (moving 16 servers downstairs)
  • Verify plugs and outlets for UPS
  • Get location and rack allocation from Loren with VLAN switch
  • Klark –> Wednesday, Feb 25: faculty message
  • Thursday, Feb 26: verify switches are programmed for the VLAN
  • Friday, Feb 27: pre-stage batteries downstairs for UPS or use Loren's rack mountable APC units
  • Saturday, Feb 28: move servers downstairs (6:00 AM)
  • Happily turn everything on at 9:00 AM. :)
  • Mid-April target for new servers on the second floor

Gordon: Check with Loren that we are not purchasing UPSs for the racks in the server room. The understanding is that we are not putting UPSs in the racks.

Loren: Communicate with faculty a time line for migrating downstairs (try to avoid surprises where possible). Maximize advanced notice where possible.

HP was on campus last week. Discussed needs and is working on a quote (next several days).

  • OIT to provide wireless services? On hold for long term. Remove from agenda and we will add at a later date.
  • Division of labor page on wiki to define Klark and Loren's roles for committee and faculty: forward email to Eric M. to add to our wiki page.
  • Monitoring and reporting for open-lab statistics: working on a rewrite on labmon
  • Bring up labs 1066, 1057, 1106, and 1062: cleaning computers in 1066 (workers had moved back in delaying the process). 1057 is on hold for the final walk through (most of the tables are in).
  • Assess battery status and replace batteries as needed for 3 hour coverage
  • Migrate servers downstairs in advance of second floor construction
  • Prepare proposal for new bladed systems
  • LDAP migration to new servers
  • Bring backups on home directories back on line


Discussion Action
====Slow Wikis==== ====Wireless infrastructure for TMCB==== ====TMCB door lock system==== ====Server Room Protocol====

  • Resolve wiki slowness
  • Migration to new server room report
  • Backup policy
  • Mail forwarding service



Discussion Action

I have heard several complaints about dans guardian. I tried to get to or and all of the pictures are broken. I think that it really slows down access to everything too. Do we need this in the department when the university does filtering?

You cannot access the following Web address: Reason: Banned Regular Expression URL found.

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