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Discussed a machine with Dell that costs approx \$750. Our monitors date since 2006, 20“ and 22”. Asked about UltraSharp 24“ and 27” monitors. $306 for a 27“ monitor.

Normally would replace machines half one year and half another year. If we replace all in one year, then we have only one image to maintain. If we dropped 15% of current machines and turn into laptop spaces, that would be dropping 39 machines. We have 262 total machines.

Gordon has collected data on who was using laptops in labs. The percentage ranges from 12% to 50%. 142 actually has higher use of laptops than other labs, but they have started doing in lab testing. 1121 and 1119 are locked down. 1027 as well.

The proposal we are considering is to replace 15% of machines with laptop spaces – a large monitor and a power strip.

We considered increasing this to 20% or 25%, but buy 7 extra machines in case we need to. Should we do 142 labs? Should we allow additional labs for 142 testing?

Other options besides locking down a lab:

  • schedule testing better
  • Use an image we can give students on a VM
  • Use Docker
  • Monitor the network
  • Wireless will be harder to monitor but it is possible.

We agreed to do 25%. We can find other solutions for locking down labs during testing.

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