We have a call with Objective to finalize a consulting contract for the web site next week.

We are planning to get new monitors next month, as part of our plan to have bigger monitors and fewer workstations, with places for laptops to hook up. We currently have 21“/22” monitors, the new ones will be 27“. We will buy one for every spot in the open labs – over 300. Some spots will be left open for laptops.

We have had trouble with UPS, looking at buying another.

Another issue is a 40G switch with 10G ports for the basement – $9500. This would be a direct route to the supercomputer in the data center. Tony – Quinn – Christophe – Mark. This also gives us the option of putting equipment down there.

We have subnets that cross over with the supercomputer. We need to figure out whether to use 10. or 172. to talk with them.

Eastwind Breach Detection system monitors inbound and outbound traffic. OIT uses some other vendor (Splunk), but they are much more expensive. Other options are snort and bro, suricata. Casey will help look into options.

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