Homework Assignment #0


To set up Visual Studio and begin to familiarize yourself with the C# programming language.


Turn in a single page indicating the outcomes for each of the following parts. A short answer for each part will suffice.

Remember this important requirement from the syllabus: “Homework assignments are due on paper at the beginning of class on the due date specified on the schedule. Late homework is not accepted, not even later during class.”

Part 1

Install Visual Studio (see directions in the course Syllabus) OR decide to use a machine in the department open labs. State which option you completed.

Part 2

Try out one C# Tutorial listed on the following page: Getting Started with Visual C#). If you have prior experience with C#, consult the excellent online resources offered by Microsoft anyhow and find something you did not know.

State which tutorial you worked through.

Part 3

Read interesting parts of the C# Programming Guide to begin to familiarize yourself or deepen your acquaintance with the C# language. Indicate which parts you read.

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