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I was successful in getting BZRFlag to run on Windows. In getting this thing to work I was reminded why I avoid developing on Windows, but it does work.

I used Python 2.6 from the official site. I also downloaded the Pygame Windows installer for Python 2.6, the NumPy Windows installer for Python 2.6, and pyparsing.zip. Run the Python installer. Then, to install the needed extensions, run the installers for NumPy and PyGame. Finally, run

\Python26\python.exe setup.py install

in the PyParsing folder (I couldn't get the Windows installer for this one to work, you may have better luck.)

If you want to skip all the installers, here's a ZIP file of the Python install that resulted from all these installs on my computer. It should work if you extract it to the root of the drive you plan to run the game from (i.e. C:\): python26_win_bzrflag.zip (25MB)

Then you will need to clone the git repository. I leave this step to you… (Matt - If you really can't get git to work, you could always scp the ~cs470s/bzrflag directory, but you will have to be sure to check for updates yourself)

Finally, you will need batch files to replace the shell scripts to start the game up. Here are my direct ports of the shell scripts to batch files, including some terrible terrible hacks (like using 'ping' to simulate 'sleep'. Eugh…): bzrflag_startup.zip (4KB)

Known issues:

  • The players in runme.bat seem to crash occasionally. I don't know why and haven't taken the time to debug it (Matt - it's probably a bug in the occgrid for the TA agents - you should definitely not be able to debug it, because you shouldn't have access to the code. If you do, let me (the TA) know, so I can fix that. Just change runme.sh to use agents that don't crash (like agent0.py) ). The players in goodrich.bat work just fine. [Update: This happens in Linux too]
  • Some of the batch files open up a ton of terminal windows. Nothing I can do about this, it's the only way to run multiple instances of python on Windows…

If anyone has suggestions for improvements, by all means edit this page! –Nielsenj 04:57, 3 May 2010 (UTC)

ActiveState Python

I got it working with ActiveState Python. The following items are needed:

Steps to get working:

  1. Install ActiveState Python
  2. Install PyGame
  3. Open powershell or cmd and run pypm install numpy pyparsing

As for git, I use msgit with TortoiseGit.

After the repository is cloned, run the command python bin\bzrflag. For telnet, I just used the built in one (this might need to be installed via the control panel if on Windows 7).

I did this with Python 2.7 and I was able to do the first assignment, at least… we'll see if it works as things progress.

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