BZRFlag's map format (a subset of the BZFlag format) is real simple and it's pretty easy to make maps by hand, but it's even easier to use a map editor. There are several editors available for BZFlag maps, but they are unmaintained and/or complicated and/or painful.

For this reason, I hacked together a quick-n-dirty map editor for BZRFlag maps. I thought about keeping it to myself, but then I decided that it would be mean to do that. I also created some real nasty test maps that you can try out if you want.

The Editor

It can do these things:

  • Load and save the BZRFlag format
  • Add/Delete bases and obstacles
  • Generate random maps
  • Move/Rotate bases and obstacles

But not these things:

  • Random maps with rotated bases and obstacles

Here are the commands for obtaining the source and building it on the Linux lab machines:

1. git clone git:// (or just download this tarball)

2. cd cs470-map-editor

3. qmake-qt4

4. make

Then run ./470MapEditor

The editor is built with Qt, so it also runs fine on Windows and (probably) OS X. Just use QtCreator to build it. If you make any cool changes or enhancements to the source, please do a merge on gitorious or just email me (spengy @t the gmail).

The Maps

I made some real ugly maps that you might find useful for testing your poor hapless agents on.

To get them, do one of these:

  • git clone git://
  • download this tarball

If you make some cool maps that you think other people might like to play with, feel free to do a merge request on gitorious or just email me and I'll put them into the repo.

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