Review the “course information” and “survey paper” entries on the course blog at Bring any questions to class on the 12th.

I am interested in your recommendations for potential research papers we will read this semester. See the course schedule for topics and papers we will read in January.

The Literature Search page has links to some top security conferences in the field. Spend time and skim some papers published the past few years at some of these conferences, and recommend a few papers (3-5) that you would be interested in reading. Include the paper title, URL, and the conference/year it was published.

The Resources page has a section at the bottom under “Papers” that lists some topics and papers we have read the past two years. You may recommend some of these that interest you.

You may also list some security topics that you are interested in learning more about if you already have an area in mind.

Submit your homework by pasting the text into Learning Suite.

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