Bill is the HCMI Lab's ATRV-Jr robot. In his “spare time,” Spencer Clark has been tinkering with getting Bill running again.

A picture of some other lab's ATRV-Jr

Current Status

  • Bill's internal PC is currently running Arch Linux.
  • Bill's ethernet interface listens for ssh connections on (provided that Bill is powered on and connected by ethernet)
  • Player 3.0.1 is installed on Bill. There is a player config file in /root called atrv.cfg
    • This file makes the laser range-finder work and allows you to spin bill in circles. For some reason Bill won't drive forward/backward right now. Something is missing or incorrect in the file, probably.
    • To start player with this config file, su to root and then run “player atrv.cfg”. Once player is started, run playerv. You can now use playerv to try to make Bill to do things. (Playerv is a GUI, so you need to use X forwarding to run it) Be sure to disable the brake before trying to drive Bill.

Future Work

  • Get the problems with the atrv.cfg file worked out so that we can do basic teleoperation things
    • Driving around
    • Laser working
    • Sonars working
    • Camera working (with pan/tilt/zoom!)
  • Put ROS on top of Player so that we can give Bill cool/custom behaviors.
    • Randomly crashing into walls
    • Crashing into people's legs
    • Running amok
  • It would be very useful to have a netbook or laptop that we could mount on top of bill and/or the little Pioneer. The Pioneer only has the very primitive “pioneer OS” on it. We need something to communicate with it via a serial port.

Joystick Drive

Joystick drive is very temperamental. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Spencer Clark's suspicion is that there is a short in the ancient joystick we're using. Assuming that the joystick is working, you can drive bill around by choosing “Joystick drive” from the onboard menu system. Next, you have to tap the right-most button on the joystick twice, then hold the left-most button. If the joystick is working, you will see messages appear on the screen as you do this. Continue to hold the left button and use the joystick to drive. Be sure that the brake is disabled first. Try not to crash into too many things.

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