I am Meher Shaikh pursuing a doctorals degree in Computer Science Department of Brigham Youn University (BYU). I have my Masters degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (2010) from BYU, and Bachelors in Electronics in Telecommunication from India (1995). I worked as a software developer for Larsen and Toubro Infotech India, (2000-2007), My industrial experience includes integrating mobile software (GSM/GPRS mobiles) using Rational Clearcase for Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications . I also worked as a teacher during the years 1996-2000, in my home country, India.


Current Project

Many fields of study involve decision-making where trade-offs between different desirable outcomes are to be made. Currently, we are developing a graphical user interface (GUI) called as an 'Adverb Palette' for robot's multi-objective path-planning problem. The interface provides selection and visualization of possible routes/paths that take a robot from a start location to a goal location while honoring competing objectives. The GUI acts on the output of well established path planning algorithms, and allows the user to select the most desired path in less stressful ways. Thus the human-robot interface helps the operator issue commands to the robot to take a specific path from the many available paths, thereby helping the user in decision making process.

Past Research

My Masters research involved automatic identification and tracking of retraction fibers formed during metastasis, captured in time lapse microscopy. It was a 2D vision problem . Given the sequence of gray scale images, the goal was to detect thin molecular structures that separate the cells apart and eventually break spreading the tumor cells to larger surfaces.


Interactive Multi-Objective Path Planning through a Palette-Based User Interface, in Proceedings of SPIE Defense+ Security. International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2016.

Adverb Palette: GUI-based Support for Human Interaction in Multi-Objective Path Planning, late breaking report in Proceedings of The Eleventh ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interation. IEEE Press, 2016.

Suggesting Simple and Comprehensive Queries to Elementary-Grade Children, in Proceedings of the IEEE/WIC/ACM Conference on Web Intelligence (WI'15), pp. 252-259, Singapore, December 6-9, 2015.

A Probabilistic Query Suggestion Approach Without Using Query Logs, IEEE conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI-2013).

Automatic Identification and Tracking of Retraction Fibers in Time-lapse Microscopy, IEEE conference of Computer Based Medical System (CBMS-2009).

Retrieving Good, Better, and Best Answers to Questions in Advertisements, Proceedings of the eleventh international workshop on Web information and data management (WIDM '09).

Contact Information

Phone: (801) 422-5827

Email: meherts@byu.edu

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