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Cities are in constant development as changes are made to account for growth and a push from governments to improve their effect on environmental quality.
Urban design is the discipline focused on addressing the direction of city development, focusing on the physical improvement of the public environment. Choices made
at the conception of a city's design can have a significant effect on a variety of metrics such as the city's crime rates, the local economy, and even the health of its residents.
Such factors play a key role in the success of a city in attracting tourists and new trade.

Historically, urban design has been a completely human-driven task due to the great deal of creativity that it requires. With advances in the field of computational creativity,
artificial intelligence (AI) can now conceivably meet the creative demands of tasks such as urban design. Approaching this task with the help of AI will potentially produce designs
for urban planning that are not only effective but that may also help uncover a new understanding of good city design.



  • Ed Doyle
  • Manuel Marquez
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