NLPfest 2007

At the second annual NLPfest held on November 9th, 2007, NLP faculty and students from the University of Utah and Brigham Young University gathered in the Computer Science Department at BYU for a day of presentations and discussion of active NLP research.

Note: authentication required for access to presentation slides.

Speaker Topic Slides
Hal Daume Frustratingly easy domain adaptation slides
Eric Ringger Active Learning for Part-of-Speech Tagging: Accelerating Corpus Annotation slides
Hal Daume Efficient Bayesian Inference and Automation slides
Dan Walker Clustering Using a Collapsed Gibbs Sampler slides
Cecily Heiner Towards a Virtual TA to Answer Common Questions for Introductory Computer Science slides
Peter McClanahan Graphical models for morphological tagging slides
Piyush Rai Non-parametric Bayesian factor regression for gene-expression data slides
Josh Hansen Features For The People: An Expert-Enabling User Interface For Feature Engineering slides
Sid Patwardhan Effective Information Extraction with Semantic Affinity Patterns and Relevant Regions slides
Bill Lund Proto-proposal for improving OCR output using NLP tools slides
Arvind Agarwal Semi-supervised Learning for Time Varying Data slides
Robbie Haertel Latent Dirichlet Allocation: A More Credible Approach slides
Nathan Gilbert Reconciling with the Web (and other adventures in co-reference resolution) slides
Aaron Davis and Nathan Davis Fast Clustering with Bisecting EM slides
George Busby Forward Entropy: Finding the true entropy of a sequence to be labeled slides

NLPfest 2006

Details to be added.

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