An efficient and mathematically rigorous translation from Live Sequence Charts (LSCs) to temporal logic is essential to providing an end-to-end specification and verification method for System on Chip (SoC) protocols. Without mathematical rigor, no translation can be trusted to completely represent the LSC specification, while inefficiency renders even provably sound translations useless in verifying the correctness of industrial-strength protocols. Previous work shows that the LSC-to-temporal logic and LSC-to-automata translations can be automated and formalized for the LSC language. In the LSC-to-temporal logic translation, the extraordinary size of the resulting formula limits the scalability of the charts that can be translated and verified. Our work, on the other hand, leverages intuitive temporal logic reductions to generate a formula that is at most quadratic in the size of the chart and demonstrates the benefits of the improved translation on several examples.

Full Paper and Presentation


R. Kumar, E. G. Mercer and A. Bunker. “Improving Translation of Live Sequence Charts to Temporal Logic,” Seventh International Workshop on Automated Verification of Critical Systems, Oxford, U.K, September 2007.


 title={Improving translation of live sequence charts to temporal logic},
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